Thursday, July 19, 2007

Underwater Camping = Camping Underwater

Long time in the planning and two air tanks later, Brian W and I finally set up camp... UNDERWATER. We've been talking about setting up something like this for a long time and scoured the internet looking for pictures or videos of others that have set up tents, campsites or hammocks and anything close but to no avail. So, here it is, the first recorded instance I know of where people have actually set up an underwater campsite.

Underwater Camp Site

Underwater armchairs complete with beverages

Clearly, any type of underwater camping scene like this will attract attention. This guy was just one of dozens of snorkelers that stopped by and wondered what was going on down under the ocean's blue...

Snorkeller stealing a photo of our campsite

No submerged tropical campsite is complete without an underwater hammock. We suspended the hammock by a single rope fastened between the points of a big "M". Each end was tied off, run up through the buoys, then under a rock and across the ground to the other side. Since each cubic foot of air suspends over 50 pounds.....we didn't use much air to hold me up.

No submerged tropical campsite is complete without an underwater hammock

Here's Brian W hanging out by the underwater campfire. Unfortunately, we had a hard time getting it started as our wood was a little wet.

Here's Brian hanging out by the campfire

Brian liked reliving old memories in his tent. This is actually the tent he used to camp out in while he was stationed in Guam. We had to cut slits in the top to allow air to escape without floating the tent to the surface. The floor was kept from floating away in the surge by rocks and extra weights we brought along.

Brian hanging out in the tent

I did a quick video of the site to better illustrate the idea and setup for anyone else wanting to attempt something like this. The only things we didn't set up were a tripod grill over the campfire, which I will recommend to copycats, and backpacks as they are a bit too expensive to submerge.

If you have ever seen or ever come across another example of somebody actually camping underwater or setting up something like an underwater campsite, please leave a comment with the web address as I'm sure many others would like to see what they've done.


Brian said...

Unfriggin believable. My question....where do you cook the smores????

Leslie said...

This is the craziest, yet most intriguing set of pictures I have seen yet from you.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice. lol, I was googling underwater tent to see if one existed and this came up. Bravo Sir